Thanks to Entertainment Weekly we now have a deeper look into Mavel's "The Inhumans," which will hit IMAX theaters on September 1, 2017 before it's serialized on our television sets. Gather 'round, friends and neighbors, because your ol' Auntie kmc1138 has some opinions. 

Before we dig in, I feel it's important to preface my opinions with a full disclosure: I have been looking forward to this show more than any Marvel property in the last ten years.

Let's just take it left to right, shall we?

  • Gorgon - yes, good. Not too flashy, and I support the removal of the weird, dated headpiece. But we are unable to see his hooves in this photo, which is disappointing. 
  • Karnak - first we should applaud the casting of an Asian person as a Kung-Fu dude, and then celebrate the removal of the bubble helmet. Sorry, Mr. Kirby, but bubble helmets are not now and never have been cool. Tattoos, on the other hand, are timeless.
  • Black Bolt (or as I insist on calling him, Blackagar Boltagon because that is by far the greatest character name in comic history and I will physically fight you on that point) - I mean he looks cool, right? Kind of hard to mess up black leather. I do feel like it might take me a while to get used to Anson Mount but I'm still excited for the opportunity to do it.

Let's switch it up a bit and go right to left now.

  • Maximus - this casting is so perfect they could have placed him in a Stormtrooper costume and I'd have been all "yeah, neat." The costuming looks pretty low key, and as long as there are no trunks everything should be fine.
  • Crystal - the decision to remove all harlequin elements and pirate boots and replace them with a functional elegance was a good one. And while I've always preferred art that makes Crystal's hair stripe look a little more organic, you have got to give the makeup department some props. It looks so simple, but you can imagine exacting that 'do on the regular? 

Mmph. Hair. I guess we're down to it, then.

  • Medusa - Wow. I know it's television but y'all couldn't spring for a lace front on that weave? This looks like something I could buy at my local costume shop. And not the good costume that you have to rent, but the one that smells like a plastic bag and comes in S/M and M/L sizes. This is not good, and I really hope it looks better in action than photos. 

All in all there's really nothing to shout about, except the one that's kind of bad. Am I being too harsh? Do you prefer the bubble helmet? How many of you don't care and just want a look at Lockjaw? 

Word also came down that this series will not intersect with "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." At least not yet. It's slightly disappointing, but wholly fair as this show deserves a chance to find its own footing. 

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