This episode features TomTyson, and Jon


Only three guys for Random episode this week. Nick is in ghost town with Rebecca, and Lucas is somewhere. So, no voices of reason.

Jon saw an infomercial for a FitBoard, gives a brief history lesson on the FitBoard dating back to the 1960’s. Don’t ask him when the Korean War was.

Tom’s work has a corporate massage guy? Tom wants to listen to thrash metal and get buffered.

Tyson is sick of your “hacks,” proceeds to talk about drill hacks. The guys combine all the hacks into one mega hack – Pasta Smoothie.

Baked potato talk. Tom makes a Salt-N-Pepa pun that honestly, just doesn’t land. Tyson loooves sour cream, right? He’ll lick the spoon clean. Jon will just dip the potato in sour cream.

Mansplaining will soon become a staple in the Huber house, since Tyson is having another girl. The guys mansplain how they mansplain and wow how the universe didn’t implode is beyond me. AAAAAAAAAAND they caught on. This is unbelievable. This tangent deserves an award.

Tom went to Taco Bell for breakfast and saw a homeless wizard (Producer Note: Tyson you dum dum that’s Greg the guy who guards my house in Rose Park -- you googled it).

This week’s Would You Rather turns the guys into engineers. Ladies, they want your input on toilet usage. So, you know, tweet them or something.

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