Four droogs out for a bit of mischief. Their destination: a comic book store. Their subject: A Clockwork Orange.

The acclaimed Anthony Burgess novel, adapted by Stanley Kubrick, has earned itself a venerated place on the cult film shelf, and for good reason. The hero and narrator, Alex, is unquestionably bad, almost as bad as his wardrobe. The language is inventive and unfamiliar. The central question is one of utmost import, the nature of good and evil and of free will.

Blending classical music, mayhem for its own sake, codpieces, suspenders, and asymmetrical eyeliner, A Clockwork Orange defies definition or genre. Perhaps it means not to give any answers but only to ask a question. Perhaps it is the perfect preparation for a religious mission. Perhaps it is only a sufficient example of the type of thing you might show someone after having pried their eyes open.

We're not sure it can or should be recommended, but we're pretty sure you should see it.


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