This episode features TomTysonNick, and Lucas.

Nick went to Portland, otherwise known as lamer Seattle. The food was good, but everyone else was full of themselves. Tyson condescendingly explains what a nitro beer is. Are toilet donuts ok to eat? There are more strip clubs than dispensaries. Lap dances are better under the stairs, and they had a pretty good pizza deal. Nick and Tom work with Andrew WK and it is problematic.

Bentley update: his pen-is is bent, his wife calls him Turbo, and yes there’s film evidence. Don’t swipe on Bentley’s phone.

Lucas whipped out the Oujia board to talk to Junior Ghost Producer Rebecca, and she provided some more would-you-rather questions. The guys discuss the pros and cons of giving or getting.

Cassidy Ward had the opportunity to interview Nerdlesque women Victory Red and Myz. You can find more information about their group and upcoming shows here

One bad transition later, Tom and Nick work with people who just go for all the low hanging fruit. Tom is one of them. No one really works at their work. Everyone wish Tom well as he transitions. No one knows what Tyson does, he’s the Chandler of the group. Tom gives the birds and the bees talk but about twins. Tyson gets five months of paternity leave, but Nick only got a day and a half when he got a vasectomy.

Here's Tom and Nick, not working.

Lastly, get drunk with us, Shay.

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