This episode features TomTysonNick, and Lucas.

#AreWeRecording? Weekly Rebecca check-in. She’s still doing ghost stuff.

It’s comics and collectibles week, but Jon isn’t there so really they can only talk about collectibles and more video games.

New Bob’s Burgers stuff from Kidrobot!! Tyson has been bored with Kidrobot so this Bob’s Burgers stuff is refreshing. Speaking of vinyl products, Loyal Subjects Street Fighter hitting Walmart soon! Nick is super hoity-toity and won’t go to Wal-Mart or the mall. Some moments of Quinn love when discussing the Lego store. 

Tom finally went to Joe’s Anime Stuff after months of Lucas believing he never would. He gets donuts at the place next door every Sunday, but Joe’s isn’t open on Sunday. Why can’t he go on Saturday? Because Sunday is donut day and Nick watches Jeopardy so if everyone can get off his back that’d be great. Anyway, he finally went and it’s a wall of keychains and deepcut anime stuff. Joe will definitely not be a sponsor after this episode.

Back in Lucas’s day, video game sites used to have so many porn ads. Nick has a lot of great ideas he needs to trademark. PC Gamers subreddit will buy anything.

Anyway, Tom bought a Mondo Castlevania print by Becky Cloonan and it comes with an LP and a full world map of Castlevania. Mondo has a really cool vinyl selection AND a new Spider-Man print. It was Spider-Man week for Lucas. New posters, images, toys, and pins.

The episode wraps up with Mass Effect talk with Tyson and Tom!


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