This episode features Tyson, Tom, Lucas, and Jon.

This week’s favorite game: For Honor. It has everything: vikings, samurai, medieval knights, and constant battle. Tyson is still in story mode, but Jon is in multiplayer because he is an unstoppable force of nature. Jon fought four people this morning! The game is heavy on hand to hand combat, and Tyson tries to demonstrate the moves but forgets he’s on an audio format. Tyson and Jon share details of how fights work, character builds and abilities, and how cool the spins are. You will have to do the tutorial though. Jon is the only person who still uses a headset? It’s cool because likes to scream at people and they can’t scream back. No one will revive him, though. Everyone is stressed about Horizon Zero Dawn because it’s a Playstation 4 exclusive.  They plan a LAN party for when everyone’s basement and wet bars are done.

Tom changed his mind about Injustice 2 when Swamp Thing was revealed and he couldn’t whip out his wallet fast enough. Bye, $100. The list of fighting games for 2017 is amazing, with special emphasis on the release of Marvel vs. Capcom.

Pokemon Go had an update! Is Gen 2 much better? Not really. It features user interface changes, 80+ new pokemon and evolution/evolution items, and new berries! The physics of pokeball throws makes it easier to play one handed. Still waiting for trading. Need new features, not new creatures™.

Lucas drops a big one on the table. It’s Legend of Zelda: Art and Artifacts. This hardcover book features all the artwork that has been produced for all the Zelda games. It’s $40 from Dark Horse, actually a deal! Jon wants to know if it’s a coincidence that Lucas’s girlfriend looks like Link.

Finally, the guys talk about Nintendo Switch. HD Rumble is apparently actually pretty good? It’s basically Guess How Many Ice Cubes: The Game! Tom and Lucas are weirdly excited about Bomberman. Battery life 3-6 hours and you’re gonna need some external storage. But at $300, it’s a deal. Tom will be at a gaming convention the day it drops (the irony) and Lucas will be busy getting some Link cosplay action. Jon is going to open a Switch VR station at the mall. How do you like them marbles?

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