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The news of an animated Castlevania Netflix series explodes onto the internet like Lucas' beer! Rebecca Frost's ghost is living under Nick's stairs and shaking up all of the panel's beer. Peter Capaldi is bowing out of Doctor Who during the 2017 Christmas Special. Tom Hardy (who is no John Cusack) is starring in a new series, Taboo - Tom is enjoying it, there's witchcraft and weird ghosty stuff! 

The guys dive deep into FX and Marvel's new X-Men Universe show, Legion. For those unawares, the character Legion is an Omega-level Mutant who can warp reality, among seemingly hundreds of other powers. This results in a trippy show where the panel isn't quite sure what time period it's taking place in, or frankly, what's going on - but they do know they are enjoying it and want to see where it goes. Theories and thoughts are thrown around as they try to dissect the premier.

The new Archie show on the CW, Riverdale, has premiered. Is it worth the watch? Does this fresh take on Archie and his friends hold up? Actually, yeah! 

Finally, Lucas and Jon cover M. Night Shyamalan's new film, Split. Could this finally be the struggling director's rebound film? Spoilers abound as the guys talk about the twists and turns, and their thoughts on the film as a whole. Tyson's mind is completely blown by the twist at the end, so much so that he doesn't believe Jon when he spills the beans.

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