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This is one hell of a Marvel-tastic week, and it’s not over yet! Ladies and gents, welcome to nerd-Christmas!

In the trailer we get our first footage of Logan, the pain of alcoholism and years of being the best at what he does have caught up with him. In lieu of the recent posts on the ‘wponx’ in combination with the official synopsis, we can piece together a few things from this trailer:

  • Logan’s healing has definitely slowed
  • Professor X is a bit worse for the wear
  • Mysterious little girl develops a close connection to Logan and the Professor (is this X-23!?)

It has been said, and depending on the source, “confirmed,” that this story will follow the now-revived “Old Man Logan” story arc from the 2008 run at Marvel by Mark Millar. This story grabbed hold quickly with fans of the World’s Most Dangerous Canadian as monumentally important. There will obviously be some concessions due to franchise rights being held at different studios, such as Professor Xavier needing assistance with one last mission instead of the blind archer Hawkeye. We know that mutants are on their way out. We know that the mystery little girl is like Logan. VERY MUCH like Logan. This is opening so many possibilities – is she a lot like Logan due to being a clone? Is cloning Logan the aftermath of the gentlemen in the Alkali Lake Research Facility gathering Logan’s DNA? (see: “X-Men – Apocalypse,” after credits scene)

This film will star Hugh Jackman in his final reprisal as James “Logan” Howlett and is directed by James Mangold (Walk the Line, The Wolverine).

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