I’ve been playing this rogue like/lite shooter called ‘Enter The Gungeon’, and I like it, but I can’t get past the first boss. Like, ever. It’s like the game goes from “easy” to “eff you” in one room. I’ve used dodge roll i-frames, and blanks when I’m in a bad position. Still nothing, yet. I was into ‘Binding of Isaac’, which is similar in style and even though it’s hard, the difficult increases gradually and you get items to help balance it out. Friends of mine have had better results. They do not believe that ‘Enter The Gungeon’ is a super hardcore experience that is limited to only the truly hardened, battle-tested gamers. They say that the difficulty curve here is a lot more forgiving than you’d expect in this type of game. There’s a number of flourishes throughout that help to ease new players into things, such as currency automatically being collected upon successfully ridding a room of an enemy threat. Maybe, I just need to keep playing it.

‘Enter The Gungeon’ is a twin-stick shooter game, with elements of dungeon crawler games and the Shmup a.k.a. ‘bullet hell’ genre thrown in. Enter the Gungeon's story is simple but not simplistic. Players take control of one of four playable characters: the Marine, the Pilot, the Convict, and the Hunter. All of them have specific traits, but the idea remains the same. The goal is to kill the past with a magic gun found deep within the depths of the so-called Gungeon. The dungeon is procedurally-generated and random enemy layouts, requiring accurate approaches to the straightforward strategy of shooting anything that moves. No two playthroughs will be exactly the same.

I do know this, ‘Enter The Gungeon’ is entertaining and I have never enjoyed losing repeatedly like this since…ever.

We were able to chat with Brent Sodman of Dodge Roll Game at Pax West 2016. Check out the audio here:


 ‘Enter the Gungeon’ was developed by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital. We played it on the PS4. It is also available for PC, Mac and Linux. 'Enter The Gungeon' is set to receive an upgrade in the form of the Supply Drop Update VERY soon. 

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