Life Goes On: Done to Death — Infinite Monkeys Entertainment — PS4, PC — May 17, 2016 — $12.99


The very unique and hilarious puzzle-platformer, "Life Goes On: Done to Death," is about a nameless king who yearns to live forever. Instead of doing it himself, he sends out an endless amount of knights from every corner of his kingdom to find the Cup of Life — which is said to grant its possessor immortality. These loyal knights must navigate intricate and treacherous puzzles to find the many chalices to claim small victories on their journey to find eternal life and die in morbidly brutal and amusing ways.


As you direct the blunderous knights on their quest for eternal life, you’ll come across many weighted buttons that activate or deactivate spike traps, conveyer belts and flamethrowers. While other traps and mechanisms including a cannon, electrical currents, zombification beams, freeze rays, or anti-gravity fields to reach far off paths. A lot of thought has been put into these macabre puzzles and many of them will leave you stumped, but after you complete the more difficult ones, you’ll feel like a masochistic genius.


Every time you complete or meet the requirements of any given puzzle, you unlock new weapons, or new equipment. Upon receiving your reward, you get some pretty hilarious and endearing messages. Take the Battle Axe, for example: “This enormous double-edged axe sends a clear message: the user is at least as dangerous to themselves as to anyone else.”


What makes these unlocks even more comical, is the fact that they do absolutely nothing for you (or the knights); they’re purely aesthetic and add a nice touch to the game’s humor.


If you’re a fan of puzzle-platformers, or looking for a few good laughs, then give "Life Goes On: Done to Death" a chance. It’s a unique take on the genre and provides plenty of laughs and a great sense of reward.

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