Stephen King has often said that his Dark Tower series is the central work of his writing career, the story that, above all others, informs and influences the rest. For those of you who have read the sci-fi/horror/western series, you know that in a very real sense, all of King’s work take place within the context of this one story.

It’s curious then, that it has taken so long for an on screen adaptation to occur. Following the adaptation of the Harry Potter novels and the Tolkien trilogies, it seems a no brainer to bring the Dark Tower to life, and finally, after decades of development hell, it’s happening.

Fans will finally get to see the gunslinger and the man in black brought to life, in full technicolor magic, by Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey respectively. The cast recently assembled in South Africa to begin shooting on the first installment and The Daily Mail got a hold of some set pictures (below).

While they seem bizarrely focused on the fact that Elba is carrying a phone with him (as if that’s a strange occurrence these days) I can’t get over how good he lucks in the boots and long coat. Elba looks the part and carries the swagger central to Roland Deschain of Gilead. Here’s hoping he remembers the face of his father. 




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