If you’re visiting Big Shiny Robot you’re probably already familiar with Garth Ennis’ “Preacher” comic. When I first got serious about reading comics at the turn of the century, it was required reading, still is. Published by DC’s Vertigo imprint, the story follows Jessie, a reluctant preacher in a small town who is inhabited by an entity called Genesis, the offspring of an angel and a demon, that gives Jesse unspeakable power.

The release of Genesis sees response from forces both good and evil. Jesse, along with his old girlfriend Tulip (it’s complicated) and a wise-cracking hard-drinking vampire named Cassidy team up just to make it through.

More than twenty years on from the comic’s original release, the story is now getting a screen adaptation. Fandom spoke with the cast and crew and got an inside glimpse into the adaptation of one of comics' most bizarre and entertaining stories. “Preacher” debuts May 22 on AMC.

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