Entertainment Weekly just announced that Bryan Fuller, who is in fact the greatest thing to happen to network television since Gene Roddenberry, will serve as co-creator and executive producer on the upcoming revival. Fuller will work with modern Trek-alum Alex Kurtzman, who will also produce.

Details on casting, plot, and even the ship are still non-existent, but Fuller shares some of his speculative vision with EW; he pines for the aesthetic and vibrancy of the original series, and would maybe like to cast Angela Bassett or Rosario Dawson as captain and first mate of his ship. Insert "happy crying .gif" right about... here. 

Fuller started his television career as a writer on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and "Star Trek: Voyager." In his career as a producer, Fuller has shown us the most beautiful, quirky, and - sadly - short lived tales to ever grace the small screen. "Wonderfalls" was only in our lives for one season, "Pushing Daisies" for one and a half (thanks, writers' strike). "Hannibal," either because of or in spite of its implied homoerotic subtext and shamefully beautiful gore, managed to stick around for three. CBS is boldly* giving epic responsibilities to a creator that hasn't realized his ability to go for the long game with a series. Are network audiences ready for a Trek that doesn't reflect any contemporary style? A Trek that makes us think and analyze long after the episode has aired?

Oh, wait. That's exactly what Trek fans want. Bring it on, Fuller. I'm rooting for you hardcore.

* - oh my god you guys I didn't even mean to do that. 

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