It's been seven months since I've posted any squeeful news about AMC's adaptation of the greatest comic ever written*, and at long last we have a trailer to pique our discussion until the show premieres next year.

Um, wait. What?

I will admit it's been more than a few years since I've read the books. They're not something I pick up frequently, because the content is far from fluffy and can be quite draining. I mean that as high praise, though. It's the most frequently presented book in my argument against the "comics are for kids and don't have any substance" mentality. Keeping those themes in mind, this trailer looks like it might not have anything to do with the actual comic? Maybe?

As a long time proponent of not giving it all away in the trailer, I remain hopeful that the network maybe didn't want to get into the meat of things (you know, descendants of Christ, Christian conspiracies, theological debate, child abuse, general debauchery, Arseface) in the trailer. Save a little something for the wedding night, and all. But this first full glimpse of the content has definitely left me a little deflated. 

But perfect casting is still wildly perfect, and I'm really enjoying the color palettes and the scoring. And Joseph Gilgun is a delight and a treasure, so there's that. 

*As usual, kmc1138's views do not reflect those of the Big Shiny Robot's. But it totally is the best ever. 

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