Prepare yourself to boldly go back to the “Star Trek” universe.

Sources say that Alex Kurtzman, producer of the big screen reboot and the subsequent sequel “Into Darkness” is looking for a writer to helm the ship in a new series set for development next year, in time for the franchises 50th anniversary, though the first episode won’t see the airwaves until early 2017.

With the third in the film franchise on the horizon, “Star Trek” is healthier now than it has been in decades, a new series just makes sense. Though Kurtsman is ending his relationship with the big screen aspect of Trek it’s nice to see that the series will stay in the family, hopefully preserving the same tone.

While the first episode will air on CBS proper, subsequent episodes are slated to air via their All Access streaming service.

More news is promised before the day is out so keep checking back for updates, we’ll let you know as soon as we know anything more.

What do you think of a return to our favorite potential future? What would you like to see in a modern series? Sound off below.

UPDATE: It's official. New Trek is on the way

The new show will be the first original series to air on CBS All Access. The program will allow customers to stream new and archived episodes of CBS programming for $5.99 a month and, aside from the first episode, the entire run will be available exclusively there.

According to the report the show will not be related to the current running film franchise and will feature new characters exploring new parts of the galaxy making the axiom of boldly going where we've never gone before entirely true.

The characters and settings may be new but the series will maintain the exploration of modern themes in allegory that has made the franchise so spellbinding for decades. Lets hope production is set to warp factor nine, it can't come soon enough. 

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