This week comic book retailers received a postcard from Marvel ambiguously teasing at a "Civil War II."

Marvel Civil War II Post Card

The post card, with art by 'Civil War' artist Steve McNiven (signed MNV), pays homage to the iconic panels of Iron Man fighting Captain America (Steve Rogers) in the 2006 universe-wide comic book event "Civil War." Though on the postcard we see the Invincible Iron Man (issue #1 on the rack 10/7/2015) fighting Captain America Sam Wilson (issue #1 on the rack 10/14/2015). Confused? Steve Rogers gave the title of Captain America to Sam Wilson – a.k.a. The Falcon – after Rogers lost his super soldier ability and youth (pre Secret Wars -- which is the universe-changing comic book event taking place right now).

Civil War II Post Card

The flip-side of the postcard simply says "II" and "SPRING 2016." 

If Marvel and DC have taught us anything about comic book sales in the direct-market age, it's that one must always be ramping up for the next event. I'm sure that after an event like "Civil War II" the Marvel Universe will never be the same.


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