With just one day to go, The Bill Nye Film will certainly go on to become the highest Kickstarter funded documentary to date. The success of the Kickstarter campaign is certainly due to social media and the popularity of the key figure of the campaign itself, Bill Nye. Bill Nye is many things but he is popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy in his science educator role. He gained the “Bill Nye the Science Guy” sobriquet while he starred in the successful and wildly popular children’s TV show of the same name. The show ran through the 90’s on Disney and PBS. His journey isn’t just about the popular figure from TV though, Bill's history is so much more than kids TV. His journey from a young aeronautic fan into one of the world’s greatest science popularizer is a fascinating story.

His journey isn’t just the popular figure from TV

The documentary film makers, David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg, grew up with Bill’s television show and became friends in film school partly through their mutual love of science. The two filmmakers worked previously on “The Immortalists” and decided to get their Bill Nye film funded through Kickstarter in order to maintain the most independent voice possible. During their journey Bill Nye came on board to help with promotional video’s and to make sure the bow ties for dogs reward level met Bill’s strict level of tie appreciation.

If you’re the kind of fan who fondly remembers “Bill Nye the Science Guy” or just appreciates the debate he had with Ken Ham, you’ll probably want in on the Kickstarter rewards before it ends. You only have a few hours left so get there soon or you’ll probably have to buy your own tie when the film premieres late next year. If you're reading this too late you may want to follow the film's progression through their social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For those more inclined to video you can find a great selection of outtakes and interviews with celebrities who endorse the film as well as videos with the film makers themselves on their Youtube channel.

The Bill Nye Film On Kickstarter

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