Like many of you (at least I hope it’s not just me) I spend a decent amount of time scrolling through the available wares on Netflix looking for something I haven’t seen before between marathon watching “Scrubs” for the sixteenth time. There are usually two or three titles that start to stick out as they whiz by and more often than not, I’m eventually overcome with curiosity and click play. It’s not uncommon that I’ll get fifteen minutes into something and turn it off, realizing the error of my ways, and going back to relive old times with Turk and J.D. Every once in a while though, I hit that fifteen minute mark and think, I can give this another fifteen. Which turns into another, and another, and soon it’s over and I’m smiling for reasons I’m not quite sure of. This is the story of “Wolf Cop.”

"WolfCop” (6 out of 10) – Written and directed by Lowell Dean; Starring Leo Fafard, Amy Matysio, Jonathan Cherry, Sarah Lind, and Jess Moss; Run time: 79 minutes; Released June 6, 2014.

Netflix is full to overflowing with shitty horror movies with little to offer. I originally dismissed “WolfCop” based on a suspicion that it was just another awful horror that would feel right at home in one of those ten-flick compilation discs you find in the five dollar bin at Wal-Mart. But after a couple of weeks of burning curiosity and the constant chorus of “come on!” from the other “adult” in my house, I caved. Not to mention that the movie calls itself “WolfCop.” Not since “Snakes on a Plane” has a title called to me so fervently, whispering sweet promises of tongue in cheek action and ridiculous scenarios.

“WolfCop” delivered on its promise, mostly by giving us just shy of an hour and a half of a werewolf in a police uniform doing policy werewolfy things. It doesn’t lie about what it is, it’s front and center, and its shitty horror movie peers could learn a thing or two. Get your act together “Dead Snow 2!”

reptilian shape shifters, rival gangs, corrupt politicians, and lycanthropian justice, this movie has everything.

We’re introduced to Lou Garou, a small town officer of the law who’s more interested in tracking down hooch than justice. But after being called to the scene of suspected occult activity, he finds himself smack in the middle of some bronze age shenanigans. He wakes the next morning none the worse for wear except of course for the pentagram carved crudely into his chest. Lou does what any self deprecating lay-about would do. He buttons his shirt and stumbles out into the world.

Lou quickly realizes that, hey, maybe those psychos in the woods really were up to something. I mean, I can’t be sure but I feel funny, my senses are keen, I’m alert and curious, and- oh damn it I need a new shirt.

Garou points his newly acquired skills and motivation at investigating the underground goings on of his small town and winds up getting embroiled in a mass conspiracy involving reptilian shape shifters, rival gangs, corrupt politicians, and lycanthropian justice, this movie has everything. all while chasing down just one more glass of hair of the dog. Ha ha ha… heh.

It’s the perfect recipe for a forgettable horror-comedy but somehow it works. “WolfCop” never takes itself too seriously and that allows the audience to just go along for the ride. I don’t think we’ll see it bringing in any prestigious awards any time soon but it’s certainly worth gathering a few of your friends, a few more beers than the group of you could responsibly drink (put your keys in the freezer, don’t be an idiot), and playing a drinking game along with Garou. Maybe drink when he drinks, or any time they make a wolf pun, you just might get enough booze in your system to fight off a shape shifting reptilian cult of your own.

Despite being Canadian, the movie doesn’t apologize, and it shouldn’t have to. Someone dreamed up this wacky misadventure and had the wherewithal and the unabashed gumption to make it happen. My hat’s off to you “WolfCop.” You just keep right on howling at the moon you lunatics.

Lowell Dean and “WolfCop” will return in a sequel, I hope this time he’s a Mountie. 

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