A little piece of LEGOLAND is making its way across the United States this year, and it's currently in Utah. Murray's Fashion Place is hosting the LEGO Americana Roadshow 2015. It's a display of LEGO-built United States landmarks, including the United States Capitol, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, White House, Supreme Court, and about a dozen others. There are also about ten displays in glass cases that aren't necessarily patriotic, but are a lot of fun. Cityscapes, ski slopes, moonbases -- there's enough going on to satisfy any kid, and most adults. 


LEGO Displays


The scale of the monuments is truly impressive. I've been to LEGOLAND California several times, and while the theme park certainly has more on display, this is worth the drive. Plus it's free. The Washington Monument stands 15 feet tall, the White House more than twenty feet long (including the East and West Wings), and each structure has a placard explaining what the building is, some of its architectural history, and how long it took LEGO Master Builders to build the model. The intricate detail is also amazing, with building techniques that would put even Adult Fans Of LEGO to shame. Things like the pediment of the Supreme Court, the American flags circling the base of the Washington Monument, the flames on Liberty's torch--it's all amazing, and actually inspiring. My sons haven't been to Washington DC yet, but they've tasted the grandeur of the nation's capital here.


LEGO Displays


The LEGO Americana Roadshow is at Fashion Place in Murray, Utah through March 22, when it's packing up its bricks (very carefully) and heading to the next stop.  Here's the rest of the itinerary. If it's coming to your town, make sure you check it out. 


April 11-26 Park Meadows (Lone Tree, CO)
May 23-June 7 Stonebriar Centre (Frisco, TX)
June 13-28 Mayfair Mall (Wauwatosa, WI)
July 4-19 Kenwood Towne Centre (Cincinnati, OH)
Aug 22-Sept 7 Riverchase Galleria (Birmingham, AL)
Sept 19-Oct 4 North Point Mall (Alpharetta, GA)
Oct 17-Nov 1 Christiana Mall (Newark, DE)

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