The big picture has finally caught up with Ania Solo and her friends in the final issue of Star Wars Legacy! With the Empress and her Imperial Knights turning the tide of battle as Darth Wredd battles his fellow Sith, who will survive the carnage of war?

Dark Horse ends its run of Star Wars comics with Legacy Vol 2. #18, and it leaves us on a high note! Without spoiling the epic battle, I think the ending to this series will satisfy all readers of the comic, as Ania Solo and Jao Assam stay true to who they are, no matter where fate leads them.

The action is fierce, and the stakes are high during the battle, and the post-battle scenes give a chance to get into the characters one last time, seeing how they've grown and what is left in store for them. Big props to writers Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman for this finish. Also there's some great art by Brian Albert Thies with colors by Jordan Boyd and lettering by Michael Heisler. That last panel left a smile on my face, and there's some great panels of the Empress storming into battle, Darth Wredd in his element, and our heroes meeting up again and doing what they do best. And even a nod to some other familiar characters.

Big thumbs-up! Way to go out on top of the game!

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