Earlier this year I told you about a comic book I like, called “Liberator” by a dude I respect, called Matt Miner. “Liberator” tells the story of a couple of animal rights activists who take to the night to defend those who can’t defend themselves, namely cuddly little furry things. You can read more about that here.

Today I want to talk to you about something else I like, shirts! They keep you warm, they look stylish (sometimes) and in this particular case they support a good cause. Miner teamed up with Hot Topic to bring you “Liberator” shirts that feature a panel from the comic, who doesn’t like that?


The shirts also help those very same cuddly little furry things that the protagonists of “Liberator” fight for. 30% of all proceeds from shirt sales will benefit animal rescue work, so you can get a cool shirt, support an awesome artist, display your punk rock cred, and be a hero to a cuddly little furry thing or two. You’ll basically be Batman. 

You can pick up "Liberator" here, and get the shirt to go along with it here. Matt Miner will also be hanging out at Salt Lake Comic Con next month and I'm sure he'd love to say hello. 


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