The beautiful series telling the story of a very different Star Wars wraps up in The Star Wars #8. Based on the draft screenplay by George Lucas and adapted by J. W. Rinzler, the battle for the fate of our heroes against the armored space station plays out in Mike Mayhew's hands with great style. Minor spoilers ahead!

The Star Wars #8

Summary: The battle to destroy the Space Fortress takes on a different feel than what we know as the Battle of Yavin from the movie - and is somewhat reminiscent of the destruction of the Death Star II, with our hero Starkiller on board, while the battle rages on the surface. Annikin Starkiller, in search of Princess Leia, gets captured by the cunning of Darth Vader, who turns him over to the Sith Prince Valorum. But when the station comes under attack by General Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and the Wookiees, the prince realizes that there's no room in the Emperor's galaxy for the Sith once the Jedi are eliminated, and helps Annikin escape and find Leia and slip out through the garbage chute. A Wookiee strike on the power station stops the garbage smashers, and eventually the heroes reach the escape pod, just as the Y-wings above the station hit the weak spot and destroy it, killing Vader and Governor Hoedaack . Then medals for everyone!

Review: If you recall my reviews of the first few issues, I wasn't sure of the need for this series, but was won over by the spectacular visuals of Mike Mayhew in The Star Wars. With such smooth artwork by Mayhew and the rest of the team (beautiful colors by Rain Beredo, letters by Mike Heisler), this epic finale is a visual treat as the story reaches its climax. There's a great page of Annikin focusing on the Force and then striking down stormtroopers on his tail. Another great shot is of Valorum arming his captive and turning the tables on the Empire's men. And Vader's demise. and Wookiee paint jobs on the Y-Wings. While some of the detail work is sometimes not full complete, it also fits the McQuarrie vibe. 

Overall, fun story, great artwork. Go get it!

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