We've seen quite a few stories with Leia as Rebel leader, as soldier, as princess, but we also know that she's a spy, expert at concealing her true identity right in front of the Empire. Now issue #2 of Rebel Heist gives us a glimpse of that intelligence agent in action. Minor spoilers ahead!

The first issue of Rebel Heist focused on a fresh Rebel recruit paired with Han Solo, and this second issue (DarkHorse.com profile) switches gears to another Rebel agent, a spy on the Venice-like world of Feddasyr, whose cover is blown, and her only course of action is to turn to another Rebel contact for help -- Princess Leia to the rescue. Through Sarin's eyes, the princess first appears to be no master secret agent, but then the Twi'lek's estimation of the Alderaanian royal changes as Leia takes on the completion of Sarin's mission herself, showing her skills in building a cover, inserting herself into the lair of the enemy, and showing quick thinking and flexibility when the mission changes. And finally, Sarin is inspired by Leia's dedication to the cause that leads to a self-sacrificing act so that the mission can succeed.

Rebel Heist #2

Review: What a fun story, and so great to see Leia at the peak of her spy game! Much like James Bond, she adjusts to changing situations, whether it is posing as an upper class drug dealer or escaping through the canals of the city with blasters on her trail. Sarin's point of view narration helps introduce us slowly to Leia's abilities, as she covers the princess from afar, and makes her own decisions based on Leia's own loyalty to the cause. Matt Kindt tells a fantastic tale in this issue, which could easily serve as an awesome Leia one-shot.

The art (pencilled by Marco Castiello, with inks by Dan Parsons, colors by Gabe Eltaeb and lettering by Michael Heisler) fits the cloak and dagger story decently,  though I wish there had been a little more detail in some of the action panels, and maybe a little less of Leia's butt sticking out. Some great aliens in the background throughout the issue.  There are a few covers to this issue, with Adam Hughes getting the standard cover, Matt Kindt's vintage war poster cover, and a sketch cover ultra variant of the Adam Hughes artwork.

Thumbs up for a spy Leia story!

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