Legendary Pictures is doing something to redefine your typical Hollywood screening. The studio is running a screening of their cult classic "Trick 'r Treat"  at the Egyptian Theatre on Monday, October 28 as part of Beyond Fest. After the screening there will be a question and answer session with writer/director Michael Dougherty and many of the cast members. To up the ante, Legendary is also allowing those at home to watch the live stream of the movie and q+a session for free via their Facebook page. In an interview with Michael Dougherty which will be available on our podcast feed in the coming days, he expressed how excited he was for the upcoming screening.

This festival is special in that it is sort of a homecoming for the movie, being that it is Legendary's festival. The Egyptian also happens to be one of my places to see films. -- Michael Dougherty

You have no reason to miss this, it's a free online screening. Call your friends, buy some popcorn, and we'll catch you online in the Facebook discussion.

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