Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund made a comment at a convention in the last week or two that he'd seen Mark Hamill in the gym, getting fit for his long rumoured role in Star Wars: Episode VII.

That Hamill will be involved in the production is being taken as a foregone conclusion to all involved. Lucas sat him down and had lunch to discuss it with him. Rumours swirled around the need for him to get back into shape. 

A variety of websites are running this picture of Hamill to go along with the story:

Mark Hamill

It's a very ominous shot that looks as though it was snapped on a phone by a Papparazzi. But it's credited to the AP. He looks great. A Luke Skywalker with this sort of look would be perfect for the next film.

Except this isn't Mark Hamill from today.

I went to the APs image site to look for the photo to find out exactly when this photo was taken, but could find no record of it on their site. It really does look as though a fan snapped it. Or it was a professional photograph and cropped significantly.

I did more digging and found that it appeared on websites as early as 2005 (like this random Live Journal post wish Hamill a happy 54th birthday. Hamill is now 61.) 

I'm still doing some digging, looking for the source of the photo, but be assured that it's not recent and any website passing it off as such (like is simply trying to mislead you.

I'm sure Hamill will do fine, though. And he'll look the part no matter what since he IS Luke Skywalker.

And in case you wanted to see the whole photo, here it is:

hamill stagedoor

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