Dust off that box full of old video game cartridges and get ready for a trip back to your childhood. The RetroN 5 is about to be your new best friend. This console will play all your old NES, SNES, GBA, Sega, and Famicon games. It will also probably play your Game Boy Color and Game Boy games in the Game Boy Advanced slot. It has two ports for your old school controllers (you'll use SNES or NES for your Game Boy) but it also comes with 2 wireless bluetooth controllers should you want to use those. Along with playing your old games Hyperkin has made it so they will upscale to 720p without that weird blurry look. You'll also have the option to render the sound at a higher quality and remap buttons on the wireless controllers. The RetroN 5 comes with HDMI and old style AV ports in case you feel like hooking it up to your old TV. Pricing and a release date haven't been announced yet but it seems they will be aiming for under $100 and July 2013. So get busy searching through the boxes in your basement or perusing stores trying to find those games you love.


via Slashdot

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