As fans of the video game Portal know, creativity is a necessity to succeed in the popular puzzle-solving title. And while ingenuity in Portal is rewarded with saving your own skin, a company in the U.K. is offering a unique prize for those who display some creativity of their own.

Print Express is holding a contest in which you can win a full-scale replica Portal gun.

To enter, you will have to submit a piece of original artwork based on the game. It can be a drawing, painting or a cool design, so long as it’s related to Portal. Be inspired by a favourite scene, character or just the game’s unique world.

The winner will have their artwork professionally printed and sent to them along with their brand new Aperture Labs Portal device.

Prizes for runners-up include a miniature Portal device, sentry turrets, core plush toys, Valve lanyards and more.

To enter, simply post your work on your blog

Post your artwork on your blog, on sites such as Flickr or Behance, or email it to Be sure to include your mailing address.

The entry deadline is April 30. Winners will be announced May 3.

For more on the contest, visit

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